EPN to Continue as a Trusted Resource Beyond 2021

The Environmental Protection Network was launched in 2017 with a cadre of 25 people, and has grown to nearly 550 members across the country. Although EPN began with the intention of sunsetting at the end of the Trump era, the organization has evolved into a significant resource and source of reliable information. After a thoughtful and strategic planning exercise, and receiving encouraging feedback from both our members and our partners, on March 15, 2021, EPN’s Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly to continue to fulfill its mission of preserving and advancing the nation’s bipartisan legacy of progress towards clean air, water, land and climate protection for all Americans.  

  • EPN will continue to provide ideas, expertise, and guidance to the new administration as part of its Resetting the Course of EPA initiative. 
  • EPN will also continue to monitor the EPA budget and other activities, weighing in when needed, reaching decision-makers directly as well as via Congress, the media, and other NGOs. 
  • EPN is currently exploring how best to enable individual EPN members to provide much-needed technical assistance to under-resourced local, state, and tribal governments and possibly environmental justice communities. 
  • And lastly, EPN hopes to work with the EPA Alumni Association to provide trainings and mentoring for EPA staff and managers, and convey to the public that federal service— specifically working at EPA—is an important and meaningful career path.