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EPN’s pro bono Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Program provides assistance to communities; NGOs; and state, local, and tribal agencies disproportionately impacted by environmental and health issues. EPN's network of volunteers assists organizations more effectively and meaningfully participate in government decision-making by helping them navigate EPA, potential grants, regulatory processes, federal policies, and publicly available data to support their work.

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In June 2021, EPN launched a pro bono Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Program to fight climate change and environmental injustices in the U.S. We are humbled by the success of this program and so appreciative of the EPN volunteers and community leaders who have worked together to create tangible health and environmental benefits for communities across the country.


“…because of our connection with EPN and their advocacy for us, we are getting the responsive action we need from the US Environmental Protection Agency. I cannot thank you enough...what you have done to help us with fracking here in Ohio is HUGE!!! We are celebrating this weekend—this is the most hope I have had in 10 years!”
- Lea Harper, Freshwater Accountability Project
“I believe that …EPN has… the knowledge, connections, experience, and general wherewithal to help you make progress on solving your problem. My clinic and our clients are very grateful.”
- Mark Templeton, University of Chicago Abrams Environmental Law Clinic

Technical Assistance Updates & Resources

EPA 101

EPN has over 550 alumni of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—scientists, lawyers, economists, and others—who use their expertise to collaborate with frontline leaders and organizations on environmental issues to produce tangible health benefits. These videos provide information on some of our volunteers and their expertise.

Working Together: Shared Stories of Technical Assistance Collaboration

EPN technical assistance webinars provide communities, and the EPN volunteers collaborating with them, the opportunity to share the environmental challenges they are working on with our larger volunteer community, additional community organizations, partners, and government agencies, providing potential new avenues of support for community-led issues and information about our technical assistance work to new audiences.


EPN has been fortunate to receive positive feedback from many communities that we’ve assisted on fracking, flooding, grant writing, and more. Here communities provide their experience working with our volunteers. [Updates coming soon!]