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Budget Cuts

Indiana State Representative, Environmental Advocates Call on Congress to Protect Environment & Public Health

Sept 7, 2018 / by

WBIW/State /


EPN’s analysis of EPA funding cuts and harmful anti-environmental policies included in the House and Senate FY19 appropriations bills is mentioned in this article on a press conference at the Indiana Statehouse, where speakers urged Congress to oppose any budget cuts to public health and environmental protection programs ahead of the Sept. 30 federal funding deadline.

Trump Is Wrong About EPA Science

April 10, 2018 / by

Ruth Greenspan Bell /


Ruth Greenspan Bell, a former EPA attorney who serves as president of EPN’s Board of Directors, shared her views on Trump’s attack on science in an opinion column published in numerous newspapers.

Former EPA Workers: Trump’s Budget Proposal Continues ‘Aggressive Pattern’ of Slashing Staff

Feb 23, 2018 / by

Jory Heckman /

Federal News Radio

EPN member and budget analyst David Coursen, who worked in the EPA Office of General Council for 20 years, is quoted on the administration’s attempt to downsize the agency in this article reporting on EPN’s analysis of the proposed EPA budget for FY2019.

EPA’s Planned Budget Cuts Alarm Former Employees, Union

Feb 21, 2018 / by

Charles S. Clark /

Government Executive

This report talks about EPN’s analysis of the fiscal 2019 budget, which would leave the EPA with a greatly diminished workforce, cut 48% of science funding, and leave essential programs for clear air, water, and land at risk.

Budget Deadline for Gutting the EPA Has Arrived

Dec 7, 2017 / by

Angela K. Evans /

Boulder Weekly

EPN members Carol Campbell and David Coursen are quoted in this article about President Trump’s sweeping 2018 budget cut proposal for the EPA. The Boulder Weekly also cites EPN analysis on workforce reductions resulting from the proposed FY2018 budget.

Programs at Risk

Angriff aug die Wissenschaft

Sept. 11, 2018 / by

Johann Grolle /

Der Spiegel

EPN members Chris Zarba, Dan Costa, and Bob Kelly are quoted in this German magazine article on what it is like to work for the EPA under an administration that is hostile to the organization.

With a Shrinking EPA, Trump Delivers on His Promise to Cut Government

Sept 8, 2018 / by

Brady Dennis, Juliet Eilperin and Andrew Ba Tran /

The Washington Post

EPN members Christopher Zarba, Betsy Smith, and Daniel Costa are quoted in this article about the mass exodus from the EPA in the first 18 months of the Trump administration. The agency’s workforce has shrunk by 8 percent, leaving many wondering what important work is falling through the cracks. This article also ran in the Chicago Tribune, and Betsy Smith and Daniel Costa were quoted in a similar article from Common Dreams.

Trump’s Proposal to Replace the Clean Power Plan Endangers Public Health and the World’s Climate

August 29, 2018. / by

Joel Mintz /

The Revelator

EPN member and Professor of Law Emeritus Joel Mintz criticizes the proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan as insufficient and far too weak.

New Federal Coal Ash Rules Unlikely To Impact Statewide Cleanup Plans

August 20, 2018. / by

Keri Brown /


EPN board member Stan Meiburg spoke to WFDD public radio about proposed coal ash rules and possible implications for North Carolina.

To kill climate rule, EPA wants to redefine danger of soot

August 6, 2018 / by

Niina Heikkinen /

Climate Wire

EPN members John Bachmann and Janet McCabe are quoted in this article about the Clean Power Plan rollback and proposal to change cost-benefit analysis at the EPA.

Regulatory Rollbacks

As Florence Threatens Chemical Plants, Trump Administration Moves to Weaken Protections

Sept 18, 2018 / by

Brendan Doyle /

The Hill

EPN member Brendan Doyle, a former EPA policy analyst and senior policy advisor, wrote this op-ed for The Hill on the Trump administration’s move to gut the Risk Management Program Rule, which requires chemical companies and wastewater treatment plants to be ready for disasters like Hurricane Florence.

California vs. Trump; Engineers vs. Lawyers

Sept 11, 2018 / by

Lou Ann Hammond /


EPN member Margo Oge, former director of the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, is quoted in this article on the Trump administration’s proposal to reopen negotiations with the possibility of revoking California’s Clear Air Act waiver, threatening the state’s ability to set separate, more-stringent standards.

Janet McCabe: Rolling Back Clean-Car Standards Is Misguided

Sept. 14, 2018 / by

Janet McCabe /

Indianapolis Business Journal

EPN member Janet McCabe wrote an op-ed in the Indianapolis Business Journal on the Trump administrations “ill-considered” proposal to roll back clean-car standards.

Trump Administration Wants to Make It Easier to Release Methane Into Air

Sept. 10, 2018 / by

Coral Davenport /

The New York Times

EPN member Janet McCabe is quoted in this article on the Trump Administration making it significantly easier to release methane into the atmosphere. This is the third major step this year to roll back federal efforts to fight climate change. Janet is also quoted in similar articles in: E&E News, Newser, HuffPost.

EPA to Scrap 4 Obama-era Haze Plans

Sept 10, 2018 / by

Sean Reilly /

E&E News

EPN member Janet McCabe, who served as acting air chief during part of the Obama administration, comments on the shift from federal to state implementation plans for four states under the regional haze program.

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