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These Carbon-Spewing Vehicles Must Be Stopped

January 12, 2022 / by

Margo Oge and Drew Kodjak /

The New York Times

Margo Oge, chair of the International Council on Clean Transportation and former Director, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, co-authored this op-ed urging the Biden administration to set targets for making heavy-duty trucks and buses emission-free.

Biden’s 2022 Climate Test

January 6, 2022 / by

Jeremy Symons /

The Hill

Jeremy Symons, EPN consultant and former Climate Policy Advisor, EPA Office of Air and Radiation, penned this op-ed discussing the importance of curtailing U.S. liquid natural gas export in order to meet our climate goals.

EPA Needs an Annual Appropriation That Will Fund the Biden Environmental Agenda

December 23, 2021 / by

David Coursen /

The Hill

Dave Coursen, former attorney, EPA Office of General Counsel, wrote this op-ed outlining the many reasons why EPA needs an annual appropriations bill passed in order to rebuild and restore its role in protecting human health and the environment.

Why the Midwest Should Lead on Electric Vehicles

December 18, 2021 / by

Jeff Alson /

I Heart Climate Voices

Jeff Alson, former Senior Engineer and Policy Advisor, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, penned this op-ed about how Midwesterners could take the lead in the country’s transition to electric vehicles.

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