Fact-Checking the Misinformation Attacks on the EPA’s Clean Car Standards

September 5, 2023 / by

Margo T. Oge /

The Hill

Margo Oge, former Director, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, penned this op-ed countering the two most common misinformation attacks the regulated community makes on EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas vehicle emissions standards.

Inflation Reduction Act Will Boost EPA Efforts to Tackle the Climate Crisis

August 22, 2023 / by

David F. Coursen /

The Hill

Dave Coursen, former Attorney, EPA Office of General Counsel, wrote this op-ed on August 1, 2022, discussing how the Inflation Reduction Act will help EPA address the challenges of climate change and support environmental and climate justice.

49 Years Ago, the FDA Said a Common Plastic Caused Cancer. We Still Use It.

August 15, 2023 / by

Judith Enck /

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Judith Enck, founder of Beyond Plastics and former Regional Administrator, EPA Region 2, wrote this op-ed urging for new plastics reduction laws and a federal ban on vinyl chloride.

Why Reopen Palisades Nuclear Plant When We Have Wind and Solar?

August 11, 2023 / by

Jeff Alson /

Bridge Michigan

Jeff Alson, former Senior Engineer and Policy Advisor, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, penned this op-ed explaining why re-opening the Palisades nuclear plant, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, would be a bad and costly idea for Michigan taxpayers.

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