EPN Op-Eds Published in Island Press Urban Resilience Project e-book Compilation

Island Press launched the Urban Resilience Project (URP) to provide information on how to build resilient, equitable cities, able to adapt to rising seas, monster storms, devastating wildfires, and more. Never was resilience needed more than in 2020, a year that brought a deadly pandemic, recession, racial injustice protests, and political division. EPN has been honored to contribute to this effort of spotlighting what is unsustainable and unjust and offering alternative visions. Seven op-eds from EPN members Mustafa Santiago Ali, David Coursen, Cynthia Giles, Janet McCabe, Jeff Peterson, and Daniel Reich have been included in URP’s e-book compilation.

Read the e-book: Resilience Matters: Reimagining the Future in a Tumultuous Year