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Trump’s Presidential Push Renews Fears for US Science

January 29, 2024 / by

Jeff Tollefson /


Betsy Southerland, former Director, Office of Science & Technology in the Office of Water, was quoted in Nature about the threat to scientific integrity if Trump gets elected for another term.

Strengthening and Diversifying the Federal STEM Workforce

November 7, 2023 / by

Anita Desikan, Jacob Carter, F. Abron Franklin, Raechel McKinley, Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, and Andrew A. Rosenberg /

Union of Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report entitled, Strengthening and Diversifying the Federal STEM Workforce. This report attempts to assess the current state of the federal scientific workforce and highlight the best practices that can strengthen the workforce in a way that embodies the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, former Principal Deputy Acting Administrator for Science, Office of Research and Development, contributed to this report.

Trump Appointees Interfered to Weaken EPA Assessment of Toxic Chemical

March 23, 2023 / by

Tom Perkins /

The Guardian

Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, former Deputy Assistant Administrator, EPA Office of Research and Development, and Betsy Southerland, former Director, Office of Science and Technology, EPA Office of Water, were quoted in this article about political interference in the toxicity assessment for the PFAS chemical PFBS at the close of the Trump administration.

US EPA Proposes New Airborne Particulates Rule

February 3, 2023 / by

Bryant Furlow /

The Lancet

John Bachmann, former Associate Director for Science/Policy and New Programs, EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, was quoted in this article discussing the need for tighter particulate matter air quality standards to protect the most vulnerable U.S. populations.

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