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Climate Change, Youth Activists and the Election

September 22 / by

Kojo Nnamdi /

WAMU 88.5

Mustafa Santiago Ali, EPN member and former Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice and Community Revitalization and Assistant Associate Administrator for Environmental Justice, was interviewed in this segment regarding youth climate change activism during the 2020 election.

As the West Burns, the Trump Administration Races to Demolish Environmental Protections

September 19, 2020 / by

Sharon Lerner /

The Intercept

EPN members Dr. Bernard Goldstein, former chair, EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and EPA Assistant Administrator for Research and Development, and Betsy Southerland, former Director of the Office of Science and Technology in EPA’s Office of Water, were quoted in this article on how the administration’s rollback of environmental regulations exacerbate the consequences of climate change.

Trump’s Climate Change Rollbacks to Drive Up U.S. Emissions

September 17, 2020 / by

Zack Colman and Alex Guillen /


Janet McCabe, EPN member and former Acting Assistant Administrator, EPA Office of Air and Radiation, was quoted in this article concerning the increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to the Trump administration’s environmental rollbacks.

New Research Shows Disproportionate Rate of Coronavirus Deaths in Polluted Areas

September 11, 2020 / by

Lylla Younes and Sara Sneath /

Pro Publica

Vijay Limay, EPN member and former Physical Scientist, Air Monitoring and Analysis Section, Air and Radiation Division, EPA Region 5, was quoted in this article concerning disproportionate COVID-19 mortality rates in areas with higher pollution.

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