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EPN IN THE NEWS RELATED TO Budget and Appropriations

Biden Signed the Climate Law. Now the Bureaucrats’ Hard Slog Begins.

August 17, 2022 / by

Jennifer Dlouhy /


Jeff Alson, former Senior Engineer and Policy Advisor, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, was quoted in this article about the amount of new policies that need to be written and implemented and the amount of new work for regulators after the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Biden’s Climate Win Strains Already-Stretched EPA Workforce

August 8, 2022 / by

Stephen Lee /

Bloomberg Law

Stan Meiburg, former EPA Acting Deputy Administrator and former Regional Administrator, EPA Regions 4 and 6, was quoted in this article for Bloomberg Environment regarding the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act and the strain it will put on the already strained EPA workforce.

Sinema Can Fulfill McCain’s Climate Legacy

August 3, 2022 / by

Jeremy Symons /

The Hill

Jeremy Symons, EPN consultant and former Climate Policy Advisor, EPA Office of Air and Radiation, penned this op-ed discussing how Senator Krysten Sinema’s (D-AZ) vote on the Inflation Reduction Act could provide clean energy incentives and assist in cutting climate pollution while also solidifying the climate legacy of the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

‘See What Sticks’: Manchin Releases Permitting Wish List

August 2, 2022 / by

Kelsey Brugger /

E&E News

Betsy Southerland, former Director, Office of Science and Technology, EPA Office of Water, was quoted in this article discussing the possible permitting changes Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is seeking in exchange for agreeing to the current budget reconciliation package for FY2023.

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