Our Work

EPN’s core work includes detailed analyses of proposed EPA budgets and appropriations bills, rulemakings, and other administration activities related to EPA’s work; pro bono capacity-building technical assistance to under-resourced communities, NGOs, and state, local, and tribal agencies; and building a diversified EPA workforce ready to confront 21st century health and environmental challenges.

National Environmental Policy

EPN's national environmental policy work focuses on preserving, protecting, and improving public health and the environment by ensuring that EPA advances progressive policies, budgets, and institutional changes.

Technical Assistance

EPN’s pro bono Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Program provides assistance to communities; NGOs; and state, local, and tribal agencies disproportionately impacted by environmental and health issues. EPN's network of volunteers assists organizations more effectively and meaningfully participate in government decision-making by helping them navigate EPA, potential grants, regulatory processes, federal policies, and publicly available data to support their work.


EPA’s ability to deliver on mission-critical functions and meet complex challenges of the 21st century depends on a strong workforce. A successful EPA is built with a strong commitment to integrity in public service, building trust and communication with managers and staff, workplace diversity and opportunities, and collaboration with EPA’s partners in tribal, state, territorial and local government.