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Cleaning Up Toxic Air

April 14, 2023 / by

Jenni Doering /

Living on Earth

Judith Enck, former Regional Administrator, EPA Region 2, was interviewed in this podcast discussing EPA’s proposal to limit the levels of hazardous air pollutants emitted from industrial sites.

Mercury From Power Plants: EPA Must Get the Standards Right

March 23, 2022 / by

Ellen Kurlansky /

Bloomberg Law

Ellen Kurlansky, former Air Policy Analyst and Advisor, EPA Office of Air and Radiation, penned this op-ed supporting EPA’s proposal to reinstate the “appropriate and necessary” finding to regulate hazardous air pollutants emissions from power plants, while also suggesting that an updated benefits analysis of reducing mercury emission would strengthen the rulemaking.

Bill Would Mandate EPA Require Toxic Emissions Monitoring

July 29, 2020 / by

Amena Saiyid /


Janet McCabe, EPN member and former Acting Assistant Administrator, EPA Office of Air and Radiation, was quoted in this article discussing legislation proposed by Congress that would mandate EPA to monitor toxic emissions.