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EPA Watchdog to Probe Jackson, Miss., Water Crisis

September 12, 2022 / by

Hannah Northey and Kevin Bogardus /

E&E News

Betsy Southerland, former Director, Office of Science and Technology, EPA Office of Water, was quoted in this article regarding EPA’s Office of Inspector General investigating and conducting an audit of the ongoing emergency in Jackson, Mississippi.

Illinois Town’s $13 Million Water System Will Bypass Forever Chemicals

September 8, 2022 / by

Ben Schamisso /


Linda Birnbaum, former Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Toxicology Program and former EPA scientist, was quoted in this article discussing the prevalence of PFAS in our bodies and the environment.

Politics is Local, Climate Damage is Regional: A Novel Conundrum For Allocating Federal Resources to Protect Infrastructure and Water Quality

September 7, 2022 / by

Arthur Smith /

Climate Policy Insights

Art Smith, former Senior Attorney, EPA Region 5, wrote this blog post describing how infrastructure funding and Clean Water Act-mandated nonpoint pollution control responsibilities can be used to get states on the path to building climate resilience.

Advocates Say Environmental Racism Is to Blame For Jackson Water Crisis

September 1, 2022 / by

Kyra Phillips /

ABC News

Mustafa Santiago Ali, Senior Vice President for Environmental Justice, National Wildlife Federation, former EPA Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice and Community Revitalization, and former EPA Assistant Associate Administrator for Environmental Justice, was interviewed in this news segment discussing the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi and the role environmental racism has played in preventing improvements to the city’s infrastructure. Mustafa also discussed the crisis in an interview with CBS News.

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