Environmental Protection Network Welcomes EPA Power Plant Standards

April 25, 2024

Steven Fantes, Public Affairs Manager 
617-817-1297 and steven.fantes@environmentalprotectionnetwork.org 

Environmental Protection Network Welcomes EPA Power Plant Standards

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a series of updates to rules aimed at better protecting our air and water from power plant pollution. Under the Clean Air Act, regulations have been strengthened for existing coal-fired and new power plant greenhouse gas emissions, and the Mercury Air Toxic Standards (MATS) for power plants will limit the amount of pollution allowed to be emitted. The Clean Water Act Effluent Guidelines (ELGs) have been strengthened, and updates to the coal ash management rule will help protect drinking water and provide health and environmental benefits. 

In response, Jeremy Symons, Senior Advisor at the Environmental Protection Network and former Climate Policy Advisor at EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, released the following statement: 

“By issuing these rules together, EPA is laying out a clear and achievable roadmap for power plants to clean up toxic air and water pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of these actions, the public will have access to cleaner electricity, our air will be safer to breathe, and our waters will be less polluted.”

Ellen Kurlansky is available to speak to the media about the updated MATS rule and its effect on public health and the environment.

Betsy Southerland is available to speak to the media about the updated ELGs for coal-fired power plants and their effect on public health and the environment.

Jeremy Symons is available to speak to the media about the updated rules and their effects on public health and the environment. 


About Ellen Kurlansky: Ellen Kurlansky is a former Air Policy Analyst and Advisor in the EPA Office of Air and Radiation and a volunteer with the Environmental Protection Network. Ellen acted as senior leadership on the development of the Obama Administration MATS rule and the Clean Power Plan.

About Betsy Southerland: Dr. Elizabeth Southerland was with the EPA for 30 years, serving as director of science and technology in the agency’s Office of Water, before retiring in 2017. She has remained active on environmental issues as a member of the Environmental Protection Network, and regularly testifies before Congress about clean water issues, PFAS, and emerging, unregulated contaminants.

About Jeremy Symons: Jeremy Symons is Principal of Symons Public Affairs and a Senior Advisor for the Environmental Protection Network. He is a former Climate Policy Advisor for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.


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