EPN Op-Eds Published in Island Press Urban Resilience Project e-book Compilation

Island Press launched the Urban Resilience Project (URP) to provide information on how to build resilient, equitable cities, able to adapt to rising seas, monster storms, devastating wildfires, and more. Filled with great hope and great frustrations, 2021 brought an unprecedented assault on American democracy, COVID-19 vaccines developed in record time, and the Biden administration’s efforts to tackle climate change and “Build Back Better” foiled by those on both sides of the aisle. EPN has been honored to contribute to this effort, which celebrates the progress that’s been made and highlights how far we have to go. Op-eds from EPN members David Coursen (who also had a second piece published); Stan Meiburg; and a collective piece by Linda Birnbaum, Betsy Southerland, and Bob Sussman have been included in URP’s e-book compilation.

Read the e-book: Resilience Matters: Opportunities for Action to Strengthen Communities