Resetting the Course of EPA

"Resetting the Course of EPA" outlines specific and actionable steps that EPA can take to reset the course of the agency to address the most significant and pervasive threats to public health and our environment. As there is no single roadmap, EPN looks forward to collaborating with others to advance the dialogue around the future of EPA and set ideas into motion that will better protect the health and wellbeing of everyone.

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Resetting the Course of EPA Report

It is time to look forward and reset the course of EPA to address the most significant and pervasive threats to human health and the natural environment. EPN compiled this report with specific and actionable high-level recommendations to help EPA recommit to its mission of protecting public health and the environment.

Resetting the Course of EPA: Detailed Recommendations Papers

In addition to the high-level recommendations contained in the “Resetting the Course of EPA” report, EPN created detailed papers focused on immediate, early, and long-term actionable recommendations for the most pressing public health and environmental challenges facing the 21st century.

Resetting the Course of EPA: Detailed Recommendations

Environmental Justice

Incorporating Environmental Justice in Every Aspect of EPA’s Work

The advancement of environmental justice is one of the most challenging, consequential, and high-profile imperatives facing EPA. To meet this challenge, EPA must incorporate environmental justice into every aspect of its work, provide adequate staffing and other resources to do so, and ensure that historically underserved communities receive a fair share of environmental protection.

Increasing Funding to Protect Public Health and the Environment

Additional EPA and state resources are needed to adequately protect public health and the environment. As the budgets of EPA and states have shrunk, their responsibilities have grown. Today’s EPA must protect a growing population from an expanding set of health and environmental risks.
Staff Development

Investing in EPA’s Workforce

EPA must rebuild the capabilities, productivity, morale, and inclusivity of the EPA workforce to successfully address the complex challenges of the 21st century.
Mobile Emissions

Reducing Air Emissions from Mobile Sources

EPA must reassert its historic leadership in air pollution control and lead a transportation transformation to protect public health and promote infrastructure investment, jobs creation, and economic growth.
Smoke from chimney factory

Reducing Air Emissions from Stationary Sources

EPA should prioritize actions that make real reductions in pollution—providing the greatest health benefit for the greatest number of people and reducing health impacts in communities that are already disproportionately impacted.
Protecting the nation's water

Protecting the Nation’s Waters Under the Clean Water Act

EPA must strengthen programs to reduce pollution from uncontrolled nonpoint sources—scaling up best practices and solutions targeted at the watershed level, with particular attention to where environmental justice communities are disproportionately impacted.
Reducing Toxic Risks

Reducing Toxic Risks

EPA should focus on changing the agency’s current toxic substances approach, which runs contrary to the best available science and has been intensely criticized for disregarding conditions of use and pathways of exposure.
Spraying Crops

Strengthening Pesticide Regulation

EPA must restore its historically transparent, science-based regulatory approaches and formulate a strategy to meet a major pending statutory deadline—the reevaluation by 2022 of all pesticides approved before 2007.
Superfund Clean Up

Cleaning Up Superfund Sites

EPA must support a strong Superfund program, which is central to any effort to address the cumulative toxic effects faced unjustly by too much of the population.
World Globe

Cooperating with Other Countries

When addressing priority environmental challenges, EPA must collaborate with other countries and international partners to achieve significant health and economic benefits in the United States.


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EPN, was quoted in this article regarding the release of its Resetting the Course of EPA recommendations and a letter of support signed by six former EPA administrators from both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Resetting the EPA

August 13, 2020 / by

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EPN was featured in this podcast regarding a letter signed by six former EPA administrators from both Democratic and Republican administrations supporting EPN’s recently released “Resetting the Course of EPA” report. EPN was also featured on Politico’s Morning Energy blog.


Former EPA Chiefs Call for Post-Election Agency “Reset”

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EPN was featured in this article about “Resetting the Course of EPA,” which was endorsed by six former EPA administrators from both Democratic and Republican administrations. EPN and “Resetting the Course of EPA” were mentioned in similar articles by The HillE&E News, Government Executive, Al-Jazeera, Inside EPA, Mic, International Business Times, Courthouse News Service, and Electrek.

6 Former EPA Bosses Call for Agency Reset After Election

August 12, 2020 / by

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EPN was featured in this article regarding the release of “Resetting the Course of EPA” and a letter of support signed by six former EPA administrators from both Democratic and Republican administrations. This article was reprinted by The New York Times, NBC News, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, U.S. News and World Report, the Minneapolis Star Tribune,  and over 200 other publications across the country.