Protecting the nation's water

Protecting the Nation’s Waters Under the Clean Water Act

EPA must strengthen programs to reduce pollution from uncontrolled nonpoint sources—scaling up best practices and solutions targeted at the watershed level, with particular attention to where environmental justice communities are disproportionately impacted.

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Resetting the Course of EPA

This paper is part of the Resetting the Course of EPA project by the Environmental Protection Network (EPN), a nonpartisan network of more than 500 former EPA career employees and political appointees across the country who served under multiple Democratic and Republican administrations.

Resetting the Course of EPA outlines specific and actionable steps that EPA leadership can take to reset the course of the agency to address the most significant and pervasive threats to public health and our environment. As there is no single roadmap, EPN looks forward to collaborating with others to advance the dialogue around the future of EPA and set ideas into motion that will better protect the health and wellbeing of everyone.

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