EPN Presents Testimony on EPA’s Draft Policy Assessment for Particulate Matter

On November 17, 2021, on behalf of EPN, John Bachmann, former Associate Director for Science/Policy and New Programs, EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, presented testimony on EPA’s Draft Policy Assessment (PA) for particulate matter (PM) at a public meeting of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) PM panel. In addition, EPN member Dan Costa, former National Program Director, Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program, EPA Office of Research and Development, provided testimony in his own capacity on EPA’s Draft Supplement to the 2019 Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for PM. Recent research suggests that the existing limits for fine particulates in the air need to be tightened to adequately protect public health. EPN’s comments outlined evidence and perspectives recommending significant revisions to both daily and annual PM2.5 standards.

Read EPN’s testimony.

Read EPN member Dan Costa’s testimony.