EPN Comments on EPA’s Proposed Drinking Water Regulation for Perchlorate

In its response to a request for public comments, EPN raised serious concerns about a new perchlorate drinking water standard proposed by EPA on June 16, 2019. Perchlorate is a persistent contaminant of concern that occurs naturally in arid regions such as the Southwest, and is manufactured as an industrial chemical for use in rocket propellant, explosives, fireworks and road flares. Exposure to food or drinking water contaminated by perchlorate can disrupt thyroid function and puts pregnant women, their fetuses and newborns at special risk.

Due to serious questions about the scientific defensibility of the EPA perchlorate regulation and the validity of the monitoring and cost-benefit analysis, EPN submitted comments urging EPA to submit a new proposal that does not include an option to withdraw from the 2011 determination to regulate perchlorate; provides an adequate margin of safety, especially for pregnant women, fetuses and infants; and includes cost-effective monitoring recommendations and a cost-benefit analysis that accounts for co-benefits.

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