EPN Presents Testimony on Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Revisions at Science Advisory Board Public Teleconference

On May 11, 2020, EPN presented testimony to the Science Advisory Board on the proposed Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) revisions. Lead is a highly toxic pollutant that is especially harmful to children. Lead can damage the central nervous system; cause learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and lower IQs in children; and create other serious health effects, including reproductive problems, in adults. EPN is deeply concerned that the proposed LCR fails to expedite public protection from the harmful effects of lead in drinking water.

Read EPN’s testimony written by Ronnie Levin, former EPA Senior Scientist in Region 1, Boston.

Read the testimony of EPN member Jeff Cohen, former Manager, Lead Task Force, EPA Office of Drinking Water.

Read the testimony of EPN member Joseph Cotruvo, former Director, Criteria and Standards Division, EPA Office of Drinking Water.