The Effects of a Government Shutdown at EPA

After failing to find a spending bill compromise as of the deadline on December 21, a partial government shutdown began at midnight and still continues. Congress and the Trump Administration were unable to come to an agreement on an appropriations bill for government funding through fiscal year 2019 or a continuing resolution to keep the government open until an agreed-upon date, and as a result, most areas of government without approved funding were forced to shut down. EPA remained open through Friday, December 28, operating on remaining funds from the previous fiscal year, but shut down at midnight when those funds ran out. According to EPA’s contingency plan, over 13,000 employees are now furloughed, and more than 750 continue to work with no pay to protect life and property. Shutdowns negatively affect the morale of EPA employees, and all federal employees, due to the uncertainty involved. They are disruptive, hurt productivity, and are a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars. In response to the current shutdown, EPN has created a fact sheet to explain the implications.

Read full fact sheet: Effects of a Government Shutdown at EPA