The Congressional Progressive Caucus Center Direct Pay Resources

The Congressional Progressive Caucus Center (CPC Center) is working to ensure that communities across the country have the information and assistance they need to seize a huge opportunity to clean up our air, create good green jobs, lower energy costs and take action on the climate crisis.

The Inflation Reduction Act contains a historic provision called Direct Pay (aka Elective Pay). Direct Pay allows tax-exempt (i.e. government and nonprofit) entities to claim clean energy project tax credits that had previously only been available to for-profit entities (i.e. corporations). Now, organizations such as towns, schools, hospitals and more can receive funding for installing solar panels, purchasing electric vehicles, or completing other clean energy initiatives.

The CPC Center has developed a number of resources breaking down Direct Pay:

The CPC Center is also providing Technical Assistance to eligible entities interested in taking advantage of Direct Pay. To receive updates on new resources or request Technical Assistance, sign up here.