Partner and Assistance Survey and Resources to Prepare for EPA’s Community Change Grants Program

EPA’s Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grants program (Community Change Grants) will invest approximately $2 billion dollars in Inflation Reduction Act funds in environmental and climate justice activities to benefit disadvantaged communities through projects that reduce pollution, increase community climate resilience, and build community capacity to respond to environmental and climate justice challenges.

In anticipation of the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) announcement, EPN has created a Program Partner and Assistance Survey, which can be used to request application assistance, find partners, and share information. The results of the survey are publicly available and can be found here.

EPN will hold registration office hours on November 22nd, December 5th, and December 20th, and January 3rd from 2-3 p.m. ET. EPN staff will help you begin, continue, or finish up your registration process. As a reminder, federal funding applicants must have an active and registration in order to apply. To sign up and get the Zoom link, go to Please email with any questions.

In addition, please use the following resources to familiarize yourself with the opportunity:

  1. EPA Community Change Grants Summary
  2. Information on eligibility
  3. Community Change Grants FAQs
  4. Informational webinars: Environmental and Climage Justice Communities Grants Program, Indirect Costs Limitation Webinar (Passode: 91869331).
  5. Indirect Costs Limitation Slides
  6. Learn more about TA for the Community Change Grants.