Community Agreements and Partnership Guidelines

Community partnerships, whether with another community based organization, Tribe, NGO, academic institution, or government agency can facilitate the pooling and leveraging of resources, expertise, and networks, which amplify the impact and reach of shared projects and goals. The resources below can help ensure that the responsibilities, scope, and guidelines of these partnerships are spelled out in order to promote clear communication and a focused effort.

Access the following organizational community agreement and partnership guideline tools:

Tishman Center Example MOU

West End Revitalization Association (WERA) MOU/MOA packet

Science and Community Action Network (SciCAN): Resources on Community Partnerships

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization’s (LVEJO) Six Guidelines for Academic Partnerships

CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance

Taproot Earth 2023 Summit on Climate, EJ, Racism & Law: Standards for Working Together