Community Outreach Associate


Community Outreach Associate for EPA Regions 8 & 10

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Rudy (they/them) is a Community Outreach Associate with our pro bono capacity-building technical assistance program. Rudy concentrates on creating new and deeper connections between communities of color and low-income communities in EPA Regions 8 and 10, EPA alumni with decades of expertise, and other allies to provide assistance to community identified projects.

Rudy brings almost a decade of cross-sectoral experience in strategic community outreach and relationship building, designing inclusive communications strategies, and equitable engagement practices. Throughout their work, they advocate for institutional transparency and accountability, and collaboratively developing systems for change that promote reciprocity between built and natural ecosystems. As a facilitator, Rudy is dynamic and responsibly interactive, and passionate about implementing culturally sensitive communication modalities that enhance generative learning experiences. Invested in the agency of change, Rudy is dedicated to decolonization within themself and their sphere of influence.

Rudy finds joy in connection, and when not with their beloveds in the city of Seattle, they can be found with their dog exploring the Pacific Northwest and absorbing the lessons the natural world has to teach.

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