American University Environmental Careers Network Sessions

EPN volunteers participated in an American University Environmental Careers Network event from October 11-13, 2022. Volunteers, including Jill Abelson, Derry Allen, Linda Anderson-Carnahan, John Bachmann, Carol Campbell, Michael Dexter, Bruce Diamond, Karen Flournoy, Bill Jordan, Ronnie Levin, Philip Mancusi-Ungaro, Joe Minott, John Reeder, Dan Reich, Alexis Strauss-Hacker, and Louise Wise, met with up to four students for thirty-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions. Students came prepared to ask questions related to specific fields or general environmental studies, and they were also given the opportunity to read short biographies of potential mentors from EPN, the EPA Alumni Association, and the Fish and Wildlife Retirees Association.

For more information about this and other federal environmental employment educational opportunities, please contact EPN Public Affairs Manager Steven Fantes.