Noor Shahzad

Community Outreach Associate

Noor Shahzad

Noor Shahzad
Community Outreach Associate for the Midwest, EPA Region 5

Noor Shahzad is a passionate Community Outreach Associate with our pro bono capacity-building technical assistance program. She actively cultivates and deepens connections among communities of color and low-income communities in EPA Regions 5, EPA alumni with an extensive wealth of expertise, and other key allies. Her work centers on facilitating assistance for projects identified by the community itself.

An alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Noor conducted critical research on the physiological impacts of GHG emissions on marginalized communities within the Champaign-Urbana area during her undergraduate years. This experience further deepened her commitment to addressing environmental issues and promoting justice for those communities affected the most.

In addition to her previous academic and professional pursuits, Noor is a fellow at, an online climate school. Her fellowship involves comprehensive training and engagement in various aspects of climate solutions, enhancing her knowledge and experience in the field. Noor is presently pursuing her Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago to be better equipped to address and advocate against climate injustices. Her academic pursuits, hands-on experiences, and her dedication as a fellow all contribute to her goal of championing policies that address environmental challenges and create equitable solutions for all.

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