The U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index

The Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) is a tool to show where climate action and effective solutions are most urgently needed in the face of climate threats. Developed in partnership between Environmental Defense Fund and Texas A&M University, the CVI combines 184 sets of publicly available data to rank more than 70,000 U.S. census tracts. This new mapping tool visualizes the cumulative impacts many communities are experiencing from decades of inequitable development and systemic disinvestment.

The CVI allows users to search by location and view their overall climate vulnerability and the conditions that shape it – from quality of housing and access to supermarkets to proximity to toxic waste sites and number of deaths from air pollution. In addition to a comprehensive list of funding opportunities, video tutorials and real-life examples can be found at to help communities use the CVI to take advantage of grant opportunities for reducing disparities in their communities and advocate for increased action and funding. 

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