Suggested 6-Step Process for EPA’s Solar for All Application Process

EPA announced the $7 billion Solar for All competition, created by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). This competition will award up to 60 grants to states, territories, Tribal governments, municipalities, and eligible nonprofit recipients to create and expand the number of low-income and disadvantaged communities primed for distributed solar investment—enabling millions of low-income households to access affordable, resilient, and clean solar energy. Grantees will use funds to expand existing low-income solar programs or design and deploy new Solar for All programs nationwide. 

To help applicants, EPN has created a suggested 6-step application process—including a suggested timeline—for this opportunity:

Suggested 6-Step Solar for All Application Process

Special thanks to Jaimie Lewis, Megan Kenny Feister, and Sean Ferguson of Anese & Associates for creating elements of the Checklist, including the Summary Project Cover Sheet, Project Narrative Template, Program Planning Timeline and Workplan, Budget Table and Itemized Budget Templates, to Holly Baker of Climate Justice Alliance for creating the Commitment Letter Template, and to the Rocky Mountain Institute for their memo on “Developing an Impactful Solar for All Proposal.” Also included are links to publicly available tools, webinars, information, and instructions from EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights