Read About EPN in the News

A man reading the business section of a newspaper

EPN volunteers speak to reporters almost everyday to provide background information and analysis on EPA budget cuts, regulatory rollbacks and/or core programs at risk.  Volunteers also author Op-Eds and blog posts on current threats to EPA and the environment.

Here are some recent examples of our volunteers making the headlines:

June 7, 2018
Chemical Industry Scores a Big Win at the EPA
Read EPN volunteer Bob Sussman’s quotes in The New York Times >

May 29, 2018
EPA has a New Plan that’s Good for Business and Bad for Bodies
Read EPN volunteers Janet McCabe and John Bachmann’s quotes in Popular Science >

April 10, 2019
Trump is Wrong about EPA Science
Read Op-Ed by EPN Board President Ruth Greenspan Bell >

May 26, 2018
I Used to Work at EPA.  Now I have Lung Disease and Depend on It.
Read Opinions Piece by EPN volunteer John Kennedy in USA Today >

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