Application Process for EPA’s Funding to Address Indoor Air Pollution at Schools

EPA’s Funding to Address Indoor Air Pollution at Schools provides funding for grants and other activities to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other air pollutants at schools in low-income, disadvantaged, and Tribal communities through the development and adoption of comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) management plans.

Below are the suggested steps you should follow to apply by Friday, March 15, 2024. EPA’s deadline for submission is Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

Steps to apply

To track these 6 suggested steps, you can use this Funding to Address Indoor Air Pollution at Schools Grants Checklist with links to Mandatory Documents, and additional resources. Using the Funding to Address Indoor Air Pollution at Schools Grants Checklist can help you divvy up sections among partners, track your work, and mark sections as complete. All of the sections on this checklist need to be included in your final application.

Step One If You Are Not Already, Register for and – Right now!

You must be registered with (and have your Unique Entity Identification (UEID)) and Registering can take weeks (if not months).

To register on,* go hereFor help, access the registration checklist and EPN’s registration webinar. In addition, EPN holds registration office hours every two weeks on Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. ET. We’ll help you begin, continue, or finish up your registration process. To sign up and get the Zoom link, go to

To register at,* go here. For help, use the registration checklist and watch this Youtube video. Also, please review the Intro to Understanding User Roles and Learning Workspace – User Roles and Workspace Actions to assist with application submission.

If you need additional help, send us an email.

*To check your registration status, go here for, and here for

Step Two Review EPA Resources – by Friday, February 16

A: Carefully read the entire Funding to Address Indoor Air Quality at Schools Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to ensure that your project is a good fit.

B: Double check the Funding to Address Indoor Air Quality in Schools Eligibility.

C: Read through the EPA Q & A Document.

D: Register for the Information Session Webinar II: February 12, 2024 from 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET. And watch the Information Session Webinar I: January 25, 2024, when it becomes available.

E: Submit the optional Notice of Intent to Apply, due February 22, 2024.

F: Email Questions by the March 5, 2024, deadline to

G. Review EPA’s Best Practice Guide for Procuring Services, Supplies, and Equipment Under EPA Assistance Agreements, EPA’s Subaward Policy, and EPA’s Subaward Policy Frequent Questions for additional guidance.

Solidify Partners & Envision – by Friday, February 16

A: Solidify your partners and schedule a time to collectively envision and brainstorm about your proposal.

B: Divvy up sections of the project Workplan (see Step 4) and Mandatory and Other Documents (see Step 5).

Step Four Read, Write, and Review the Project Narrative – by Friday, March 1

A. Complete the Cover Page.

B: Write the full Project Narrative, including:
– Project Summary and Approach
– Environmental Results—Outcomes, Outputs and Performance Measures
– Environmental Justice and Low-Income, Disadvantaged, and Tribal Communities
– Programmatic Capability and Past Performance
– Project Sustainability
– Budget

C: Review your Project Narrative using the Evaluation Criteria (starting on page 49) to ensure that all requirements have been met in each section and that all possible points should be awarded.

Step Five Complete Mandatory Documents – by Friday, March 8

A: Create the following Mandatory Documents, all of which should be completed directly in

Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424)
Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs (SF-424A)
– EPA Form 4700-4 Preaward Compliance Review Report
EPA Key Contacts Form 5700-54
Project Narrative: Use the “Project Narrative Attachment Form” to submit the file. This is a PDF of your Project Narrative document (10 page max).

B: Use the “Other Attachments Form” in for the following additional documents.

– Attachment A: Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
– Attachment B: Partnership Letters
– Attachment C: Project Team Biographies
– Attachment D: CEJST or EJScreen data
– Attachment E: EPA Approval Letter, if applicable, to use alternate means to submit initial application
– Attachment F: Cost Share Commitment Letter, if applicable
– Optional: Activities in Project Area 4. If the application includes activities in project area 4, the research and demonstration project area, a two-page Scientific Data Management Plan must be submitted after selection and before award.

Step 6 Illustration Review and Submit – by Friday, March 15

Although the final deadline is listed as Tuesday, March 19, 2024, we recommend that you plan to submit to, ideally by Friday, March 15th, to allow time troubleshoot any issues that may arise during submission. These step-by-step instructions and video can help. Please plan to set aside at least three hours to submit your application to

A: Review your application using the Evaluation Criteria (starting on page 49) to again ensure that all requirements have been met in each section and that all possible points should be awarded.

To begin the submission process, go to and click the red “Apply” button at the top of the “view grant opportunity” page associated with this opportunity.

B: Upload your application, including:

C: Submit and confirm that all verifications & confirmations from are received & saved.

D: Take …a nap!