EPA Alumni Assist with Region 6 Air and Radiation Division Hiring Event

On Wednesday, August 30, 2023, EPN, in partnership with the EPA Alumni Association, participated in a virtual roundtable discussion and Q&A session with potential EPA job applicants from Region 6. Beth Craig, former Director of Climate Protection Partnerships Division, Office of Atmospheric Programs, Office of Air and Radiation, moderated the panel, which included Beverly Banister, former Deputy Regional Administrator, Region 4, along with Lynda Carroll, former Assistant Regional Administrator, Region 6. The panelists spoke about their achievements and challenges while working at the agency. Special thanks to John Armstead, Jay Bassett, Bob Cantilli, Brendan Doyle, Chuck Elkins, Richard Emory, Dave Evans, Jerry Filbin, Karen Flournoy, Jim Giattina, Mark Hague, Michael Haire, Tim Jones, Bob Morcock, Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, Dorothy Patton, Anna Phillips, Carl Reeverts, Susan Shinkman, Cindy Singletary, Sandy Stavnes, Joe Tieger, and Jim Woolford for volunteering to provide 20- to 30-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions with potential applicants.