EPA Alumni Assist With “Hiring With Pride” Recruitment Event

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, EPA held its first-ever LGBTQIA + hiring webinar in celebration of Pride Month. Approximately 350 people attended the webinar. Thirty-six (36) EPN volunteers signed up to provide 131 mentor sessions for potential applicants seeking extra support as they applied for federal jobs. Special thanks to the following volunteers: Jill Abelson, John Armstead, Kathleen Bailey, Bonnie Bellow, Martha Berger, Claudia Fenerol Busch, Bob Cantilli, Richard Emory, Dave Evans, Jerry Filbin, Karen Flournoy, Jim Giattina, Mark Hague, Michael Haire, Bill Jordan, Karen Kellen, Ronnie Levin, Tina Levine, Stan Meiburg, David Menotti, Kevin Minoli, Robert Morcock, Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, Anna Phillips, Carl Reeverts, Cindy Singletary, Tom Sinks, Jonathan Skinner-Thompson, Kristi Smith, Sandy Stavnes, Linda Travers, John Vandenberg, Melissa Vargas, Tim Williamson, Jim Woolford, and Amy Zimpfer.