First Steps for Technical Assistance Providers and those Considering Applying for EPA’s Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grants

EPA’s Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grants program (Community Change Grants) will invest approximately $2 billion dollars in Inflation Reduction Act funds in environmental and climate justice activities to benefit disadvantaged communities through projects that reduce pollution, increase community climate resilience, and build community capacity to respond to environmental and climate justice challenges.

If you are interested in applying for these funds or assisting others who are applying, here are some important first steps to take and resources to utilize:

Resources from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Resources from the Environmental Protection Network (EPN), a nonprofit organization 

  • Join EPN staff for office hours. As a reminder, federal funding applicants must have an active and registration in order to apply. EPN holds office hours every two weeks on Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm eastern, where staff will help you begin, continue, or finish up your registration process.
  • Reach out to EPN with questions or for assistance with your application from our staff and network of 650+ EPA alumni volunteers across the country.