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Biden’s Plan to Shift Energy Policy Faces Headwinds

November 10, 2020 / by

Timothy Puko /

Wall Street Journal

Joe Goffman, EPN member and former Associate Assistant Administrator for Climate and Senior Counsel, was quoted in this article concerning challenges that President-Elect Biden will face in implementing his energy agenda.

Expecting Plastics Boom, Environmentalists Fear Production’s GHG Harms

August 19, 2020 / by

Suzanne Yohannan /

E&E News

EPN member Judith Enck, former Regional Administrator for EPA Region 2, was quoted in this article about an expected boom in plastics production over the next several years as the fossil fuel industry shifts its attention away from plastics needs in the transportation and energy sectors, which could significantly increase greenhouse gases.

Trump Weighs Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling in Alaska

August 17, 2020 / by

Reuters /

Voice of America

EPN member Judith Enck, former Regional Administrator for EPA Region 2, is mentioned in this article about the Trump administration considering whether to allow oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

How George Floyd Protests Swayed a Texas Fracking Town

June 12, 2020 / by

Mike Lee /

E&E News

Mustafa Santiago Ali, EPN member and former EPA Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice; and Community Revitalization; and Assistant Associate Administrator for Environmental Justice,  was quoted in this article regarding the City Council of Arlington, Texas, rejecting of a natural gas well that would have caused disproportionate harm to black and Hispanic residents. Mustafa was also quoted in an article by USA Today on the different forms of environmental racism. 

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