Former EPA Official McCabe Talks Trump Moves on Budget, Power Plan, Ozone, and Paris

June 14, 2017 / by

Monica Trauzzi /

OnPoint, E&E TV

Janet McCabe, EPN member and former assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation at the EPA under the Obama administration, is interviewed about the Trump administration’s steps toward regulatory rollbacks and their FY2018 EPA budget proposal.

Former EPA Employees Sound the Alarm in Scathing Report

June 14, 2017 / by

Andy Rowell /


This EcoWatch article references EPN’s searing 10-page analysis of the Trump Administration’s proposed FY2018 budget for the EPA, and EPN members are quoted as they recount the devastating effects it would have on the Agency.

A Beleaguered EPA Has Become Ground Zero in Trump’s War on Science

June 13, 2017 / by

Michael Hiltzik /

Los Angeles Times

This article uses EPN’s analysis of Trump’s proposed FY2018 EPA budget to call out specific, troubling cuts that would leave the budget at just over half of what it was in 2010. Ruth Greenspan Bell, a former EPA attorney and founding member of EPN, and George Wyeth, former EPA lawyer and EPN organizer, are quoted.

Former EPA Employees Are so Worried About Trump’s Plans, They Formed Their Own Alt-EPA

June 12, 2017 / by

Alexander C. Kaufman /

Huffington Post

This piece, on the formation of the Environmental Protection Network (EPN) to help reporters, activists, and policymakers penetrate the Trump Administration and Administrator Pruitt’s EPA, quotes founding members of EPN, Ruth Greenspan Bell and George Wyeth.

Trump Wants to Cut EPA’s Scientific Research in Half: Ex-EPA Staffers Are Fighting Back Against the President’s Budget Proposal.

June 12, 2017 / by

Rebecca Leber /

Mother Jones

This article presents EPN’s full report on the Trump administration’s proposed FY2018 budget, which details the destructive effects it would have on air, water, and climate change.

Why We Can’t Just Leave Environmental Protection to the States

April 26, 2017 / by

Cynthia Giles /


Cynthia Giles is the former head of the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and a current member of EPN. This is her opinion piece on how the EPA’s retreat from enforcement will result in an emboldened industry and weakened states, where in many cases laws simply won’t be enforced.

Unionized Scientists March in Protest of Attacks on Facts

April 18, 2017 / by

Carly Ebben Eaton and Kathy Setian /

San Francisco Chronicle

EPN member Kathy Setian was a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency project manager and a steward of engineers and scientists of California Local 20. She coauthored this piece on the March for Science, in opposition to the damage that the Trump administration seeks to do to research.

EPA Administrator Pruitt Made the Wrong Call on a Toxic Pesticide

April 4, 2017 / by

William Jordan /

The Washington Post

William Jordan was the deputy director for programs at the Environmental Protection Agency’s office of Pesticide Programs from 2012 to 2016. Now an EPN member, Jordan’s op-ed was published in The Washington Post.

The Big Announcement Is Over. What Happens Now?

March 29, 2017 / by

NiinaHeikkinen and Evan Lehmann /

E&E News

Steven Silverman, a former EPA attorney under President Obama and current EPN member, is quoted in this article about Trump’s “energy independence” executive order, a sweeping step in the administration’s efforts to weaken or eliminate the study of climate science, curb carbon, and protect vulnerable areas of the United States from sea-level rise and flooding.

Trump’s EPA Budget in Perspective

March 24, 2017 / by

Dan Farber /

Legal Planet

This article provides a few key takeaways from EPN’s extensive analysis of just how damaging Trump’s proposed FY2018 EPA budget would be for the agency and the country.