EPN is Dismayed by SCOTUS Chevron Deference Decision

July 1, 2024

Steven Fantes, Public Affairs Manager
617-817-1297 and steven.fantes@environmentalprotectionnetwork.org

The Environmental Protection Network is Dismayed by SCOTUS Chevron Deference Decision

On Friday, June 28, 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturned the 40-year-old Chevron doctrine. This will shift regulatory decisions to the federal court system and weaken critical Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations that protect people’s health and the environment by limiting the pollution of our air, water, and land. 

In response, Dr. Stan Meiburg, EPN volunteer, former Acting EPA Deputy Administrator, and former EPA Deputy Regional Administrator in Regions 4 and 6, released the following statement:

The Loper/Relentless decision should concern both progressives and conservatives. The pre-Chevron history of the Clean Air Act demonstrated the risks of having courts substitute their own ideas about policy for those of the other branches of government. The decision effectively weakens both Congress and the Executive Branch. The Chevron cure announced by the Court will be worse than the disease.

Dr. Stan Meiburg is available for media interviews regarding the SCOTUS decision and the impacts it may have on the environment and human health.


About Dr. Stan Meiburg: Stan Meiburg is a former Acting EPA Deputy Administrator and former EPA Deputy Regional Administrator in Region 4 and Region 6. He currently serves as the Executive Director of The Andrew Sabin Family Center for Environment and Sustainability at Wake Forest University. 


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