Application Process for the Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving (EJCPS) Cooperative Agreement Program

The Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving (EJCPS) Cooperative Agreement Program provides financial assistance to eligible organizations working to address local environmental or public health issues in their communities. Below are the steps you should follow to apply.

Steps to apply

Here are the five suggested steps to apply:

Step One Get Started – NOW!

You must be registered with (and have your Unique Entity Identification (UEID)) and

> If you’re not registered, go to Step 2.

> If you are registered, go to Step 3.

Step Two Register – by Thursday, March 9

Registering can take weeks (if not months). If you can’t register by March 9 or soon thereafter, we recommend you use this time to register for the next opportunity.

To register on,* go hereFor help, access the registration checklist and EPN’s registration webinar.

To register at,* go here. For help, use the registration checklist and watch this Youtube video.

If you need additional help, send us an email.

*To check your registration status, go here for, and here for

Review EPA Resources – by Friday, March 10

A: Carefully read the EJCPS summary and the entire Request for Application to ensure that your project is a good fit.

B: Double check the EJCPS eligibility.

C: Watch at least one of the webinars:
EJCPS 1 (Passcode: 85564988)
EJCPS 2 (Passcode: 85564988)

D: Review the EJCPS slides.

E: Read the EJCPS FAQs.

Step Four Find Partners & Envision – by Friday, March 17

Find and solidify your partners and collectively envision your proposal.

A: Fill out the EJCPS Partner Survey.

B: Reach out to these potential partners and/or others.

C: Schedule a time to speak with your partners (or EPN if you responded to our survey and are in an application cohort) and brainstorm about proposal ideas.

Step Five Write, Review, and Submit – by Friday, April 7

Although the deadline is Friday, April 14, have your application completed early to give yourself time to troubleshoot if you have any difficulty submitting through

A: Read through the EJCPS template and create a copy in Google Docs that all partners can access. This will be your draft application.

B: Use the EJCPS Punch Sheet to divvy up sections, track your work, and mark sections  complete. Put all sections into your draft application.
*Sample letters of commitment can be found here.

C: Review your work (ideally more than once) using the EJCPS evaluation criteria to ensure that all requirements have been met in each section and that all possible points should be awarded.

D: Submit to, ideally by Friday, April 7, but no later than the deadline of Friday, April 14. These step-by-step instructions and video can help.
*Please plan to set aside at least three hours to submit your application to

E: Take …a nap!

Thank you to our partners

EPN would like to thank the Anthropocene Alliance (A2), CommunityAQ, and OpenGrants for their collaboration on this effort. In addition, you can find resources created by A2, including a sample EJCPS application, budget template, logic model template, and sample letters of commitment, here.