EPN Year in Review: 2018

EPN Work on Budget & Appropriations

Government Shutdown Fact Sheets

A Partial Government Shutdown Begins: How This Effects EPA

On December 22, 2018, a partial government shutdown began for nine executive departments, including EPA, due to an impasse over Trump's demands for $5.7 billion to fund a U.S-Mexico border wall. However, according to a message from Acting Administrator Wheeler, EPA will remain open the week of December 24th, with further instructions to be provided should the shutdown continue beyond December 28th.
Budget & Appropriations Analyses
Budget & Appropriations Fact Sheets


Taking Science Out of Air Quality—EPN Defends Public Health and the Integrity of the CASAC

The Trump Administration made unprecedented attacks on science, abandoning plans to reinstate the Ozone Review Panel, disbanding the Particulate Review Panel, and asking the CASAC to solely review the key scientific assessments for the National Ambient Air Quality Standards Ozone and PM Reviews. In response, EPN shared testimony at the public CASAC meeting and created documents to explain these assaults on science.

EPN Work on Censored Science

EPN Contributes to Report on Protecting Science in Federal Agencies

EPN and many other science-based organizations released a report describing the ongoing threats to the use of science in decision-making on issues of public health and the environment. The report also provides Congress with recommended steps to take in response to these threats.

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EPN’s Written Statement to Science Advisory Board about Censoring Science

EPN provided written and oral comments to the EPA Science Advisory Board for consideration in its discussion of the proposal to restrict the use of scientific studies in agency policy-making if the underlying data and models used to support that data are not made public. The administration's proposal attacked tested and accepted scientific approaches.

EPN’s Censored Science Proposal Policy Analysis

EPN provided a policy analysis of Administrator Pruitt's proposal to restrict the use of scientific studies in setting rules and agency policies. The analysis explains how current EPA programs that control toxic pollutants in air, drinking water, and solid waste might not exist today if EPA had adopted a similar proposal in the past.
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EPN’s Censored Science Proposal Executive Summary

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt proposed a regulation that would restrict EPA’s use of scientific studies, unless the raw underlying data and the models used to analyze data supporting the study are available for public review. In response, EPN produced an Executive Summary highlighting the proposal's inconsistency with scientific practice and sound public policy.

EPN Work on Clean Power Plan, Glider Rule and HFCs

EPN Comments on EPA’s Proposed Replacement of the Clean Power Plan

The Trump Administration proposed a new rule to replace the Clean Power Plan, which would loosen the restrictions on coal-fired power plants. EPN responded with comments on proposed revisions to EPA’s implementing regulations for emissions guidelines, providing suggestions to clarify and strengthen sections of the rule as well as highlight changes that should not be adopted.
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EPN Comments on Proposed Repeal of Requirements for Glider Vehicles

In response to the proposal to repeal EPA's 2016 rule requiring diesel engines installed in new "glider" trucks to meet the same pollution emission standards required for those in new trucks, EPN created a 20-page report on the public health implications ignored by the proposal and the baseless legal theory on which it rests.

EPN Comments on Proposed Revision to Controls on Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

The proposed revision to the Refrigerant Management Program under Section 608(c) of the Clean Air Act would relieve businesses of many of their duties in handling leaks, repairs, and record keeping for HFCs. EPN responded with comments on the arbitrary nature of this proposal, its contradiction to statutory intent, and its lack of scientific basis.

EPN Work on Cost Benefit Analysis

EPN Work on EPCRA and Community Right-to-Know

EPN Requests to Extend the Deadline for Comments on Changes to Community Right-to-Know

EPA proposed to exempt all concentrated animal feeding operations from reporting releases of extremely hazardous substances into the air. As a result, EPN requested an extension on the comment deadline as well as three public hearings, which would allow time for the public, public health experts, and Local Emergency Preparedness Committees to engage and comment on the impacts of this proposal.

EPN Work on NEPA

EPN and Save EPA Oppose Ending NEPA Rating System Without Public Review and Comment

A memo on EPA's review responsibilities from EPA Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy Brittany Bolen stated that EPA will no longer assign a letter and numerical rating in its comments on reviews conducted by other agencies. In response, EPN and Save EPA wrote a joint letter urging Acting Administrator Wheeler to continue the rating system while seeking public review and comment in order to avoid confusion and inconsistency.
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EPN and Save EPA Comment on Possible Revisions of Regulations Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act

In response to the White House Council on Environmental Quality's request for input on whether NEPA regulations should be revised, EPN responded with comments that supported the goals of efficiency and avoiding unneeded delays in the environmental review process, but found that changing the regulations would be counterproductive and that these goals could be achieved by implementing existing regulations and applying lessons learned to improve implementation.

EPN Work on SAFE

EPN Work on TSCA