EPN Year in Review: 2017

EPN Work on Budget & Appropriations

Budget & Appropriations Analyses

Core Programs & Programs at Risk Fact Sheets
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EPN Fact Sheet: The EPA Budget—Why It Matters

The proposed FY2018 EPA budget cut core agency functions by 27%, which would greatly reduce the agency's ability to protect and preserve clean air, water, land, and public health. EPN created a 7-page fact sheet on the status of EPA’s budget and the essential work that’s at risk by proposed budget cuts.

EPN Fact Sheets: Core Programs Under Attack in the President’s Proposed FY2018 Budget

EPN produced an overview of EPA's core work as well as core program fact sheets in response to the Trump Administration's proposal for massive FY2018 cuts to EPA's budget. These fact sheets were used by reporters, other NGOs, and Hill staff to understand and communicate about how the President’s budget was an attack on human health and the environment.
Other Budget & Appropriations Fact Sheets
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Trump’s Proposed 2018 Budget Would Decimate EPA Enforcement

The proposed FY2018 EPA budget cuts would prevent the agency from continuing its enforcement work to curtail harmful pollution. EPN created an Enforcement Budget fact sheet to fully explain the importance of enforcement and a budget that supports this work.

Cleaning Up the Nation’s Worst Toxic Sites Threatened by Proposed Budget Cuts

Proposals to cut EPA's budget by the Trump Administration endangers many of the agency's most important programs, like Superfund, which cleans the country's most contaminated land and water and responds to environmental emergencies. EPN created an EPA Superfund fact sheet to illustrate the impacts inadequate funding could have on this program and people's health.

EPN Work on Methane, Superfund and Science

EPN Comments on the EPA Superfund Task Force Report

Administrator Pruitt's Superfund Task Force presented recommendations for expediting the cleanup of the Nation's most hazardous sites, many of which were significant departures from tested approaches and important goals. EPN produced comments to explain its serious concerns with the report.

EPN Work on EPA Draft Strategic Plan and Regulatory Reform

EPN Comments on EPA’s Draft Strategic Plan for FY2018-2022

Administrator Pruitt and the Trump Administration presented their FY2018-2022 EPA strategic plan, which is an agency planning document for the 4-year term of each president. EPN produced a 7-page response to the plan, calling out the administration for its silence on human health and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.
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EPN Comments on EPA Regulatory Reform Federal Register Notice

In response to EPA's request for comments on existing regulations up for possible repeal, placement, or modification, EPN presented a 13-page response urging careful analysis, including the full range of costs and benefits, of any existing EPA rule to safeguard public health and environmental protections.