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Budget Cuts

Trump Is Wrong About EPA Science

April 10, 2018 / by

Ruth Greenspan Bell /


Ruth Greenspan Bell, a former EPA attorney who serves as president of EPN’s Board of Directors, shared her views on Trump’s attack on science in an opinion column published in numerous newspapers.

Former EPA Workers: Trump’s Budget Proposal Continues ‘Aggressive Pattern’ of Slashing Staff

Feb 23, 2018 / by

Jory Heckman /

Federal News Radio

EPN member and budget analyst David Coursen, who worked in the EPA Office of General Council for 20 years, is quoted on the administration’s attempt to downsize the agency in this article reporting on EPN’s analysis of the proposed EPA budget for FY2019.

EPA’s Planned Budget Cuts Alarm Former Employees, Union

Feb 21, 2018 / by

Charles S. Clark /

Government Executive

This report talks about EPN’s analysis of the fiscal 2019 budget, which would leave the EPA with a greatly diminished workforce, cut 48% of science funding, and leave essential programs for clear air, water, and land at risk.

Budget Deadline for Gutting the EPA Has Arrived

Dec 7, 2017 / by

Angela K. Evans /

Boulder Weekly

EPN members Carol Campbell and David Coursen are quoted in this article about President Trump’s sweeping 2018 budget cut proposal for the EPA. The Boulder Weekly also cites EPN analysis on workforce reductions resulting from the proposed FY2018 budget.

Organizing in New Jersey to Protect Our Health & Environment from Big EPA Cuts

Sept 5, 2017 / by

Food and Water Watch /

Food and Water Watch

EPN is quoted in this article on the devastating effects the FY2018 budget proposal by the House Appropriations Committee would have on the EPA, despite being a “smaller cut” than proposed by the Trump Administration.

EPA Head Defends White House’s Plan for Massive Cuts to His Agency

June 15, 2017 / by

Brady Dennis /

The Washington Post

This article includes EPN’s warning that Trump’s proposed 2018 EPA budget could undermine virtually every core function of the agency. George Wyeth, a former EPA lawyer and current EPN member is quoted.

Former EPA Employees Sound the Alarm in Scathing Report

June 14, 2017 / by

Andy Rowell /


This EcoWatch article references EPN’s searing 10-page analysis of the Trump Administration’s proposed FY2018 budget for the EPA, and EPN members are quoted as they recount the devastating effects it would have on the Agency.

A Beleaguered EPA Has Become Ground Zero in Trump’s War on Science

June 13, 2017 / by

Michael Hiltzik /

Los Angeles Times

This article uses EPN’s analysis of Trump’s proposed FY2018 EPA budget to call out specific, troubling cuts that would leave the budget at just over half of what it was in 2010. Ruth Greenspan Bell, a former EPA attorney and founding member of EPN, and George Wyeth, former EPA lawyer and EPN organizer, are quoted.

Former EPA Employees Are so Worried About Trump’s Plans, They Formed Their Own Alt-EPA

June 12, 2017 / by

Alexander C. Kaufman /

Huffington Post

This piece, on the formation of the Environmental Protection Network (EPN) to help reporters, activists, and policymakers penetrate the Trump Administration and Administrator Pruitt’s EPA, quotes founding members of EPN, Ruth Greenspan Bell and George Wyeth.

Trump Wants to Cut EPA’s Scientific Research in Half: Ex-EPA Staffers Are Fighting Back Against the President’s Budget Proposal.

June 12, 2017 / by

Rebecca Leber /

Mother Jones

This article presents EPN’s full report on the Trump administration’s proposed FY2018 budget, which details the destructive effects it would have on air, water, and climate change.

Trump’s EPA Budget in Perspective

March 24, 2017 / by

Dan Farber /

Legal Planet

This article provides a few key takeaways from EPN’s extensive analysis of just how damaging Trump’s proposed FY2018 EPA budget would be for the agency and the country.

Programs at Risk

To kill climate rule, EPA wants to redefine danger of soot

August 6, 2018 / by

Niina Heikkinen /

Climate Wire

EPN members John Bachmann and Janet McCabe are quoted in this article about the Clean Power Plan rollback and proposal to change cost-benefit analysis at the EPA.

Here’s how the EPA might be different under Andrew Wheeler

July 30, 2018 / by

Scott Tong /

National Public Radio

EPN members Steve Silverman and Janet McCabe are quoted about differences between Scott Pruitt and Andrew Wheeler. They discuss how Wheeler’s background in science and previous Washington experience will show in his behavior.

Administration Proposes Rolling Back Fuel Economy Standards

August 3, 2018 / by

Margo Oge /

National Public Radio

Margo Oge, former Director of the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality and EPN member, describes the dangerous and lasting impacts of the administration’s proposed roll back of fuel economy standards.

Don’t call climate-skeptic nonprofits ‘charities’

September 10, 2017 / by

Lori Stewart /

The Washington Post

EPN member Lori Stewart, former Chief of Staff of the EPA Office of Air and Radiation, responds to oil funded non-profit groups being characterized as “charities” in an earlier Washington Post story.

New EPA administrator, same menace to the environment

July 30, 2018 / by

Joel Mintz /

Miami Herald

EPN member and Professor of Law Emeritus Joel Mintz warns that Andrew Wheeler is equally as committed to regulatory rollbacks as Pruitt and is likely to be more successful with their implementation.

Kavanaugh may limit environmental protections if confirmed to Supreme Court

July 24, 2018 / by

Joel Mintz /

Sun Sentinel

EPN member and Professor of Law Emeritus Joel Mintz warns that based on his writings and votes, Judge Brett Kavanaugh could seriously curtail environmental protections if confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court.

Trump’s EPA rule would censor science, putting public health at risk

July 24, 2018 / by

Lynn Goldman /

The Hill

Lynn Goldman, EPN member and former EPA Assistant Administrator for Toxic Substances, wrote about her concerns regarding the proposed “censored science” rule. She emphasizes three protections that, if removed, would put public health at risk.

E.P.A. Officials, Disheartened by Agency’s Direction, Are Leaving in Droves

December 22, 2017 / by

Lisa Friedman /

New York Times

EPN members Rob Kavlock, Ronnie Levin and Lynda Deshaumbault are quoted in this article which examines deteriorating morale at the EPA under Pruitt.

Former EPA employees sat around a campfire to tell scary stories about Trump’s EPA

January 17, 2018 / by

Arielle Duhaime-Ross /


EPN members Betsy Southerland, Brendan Doyle and Lynda Deschambault share stories about EPA work under Trump and what pushed them to leave.

Science under siege: behind the scenes at Trump’s troubled environment agency

July 11, 2012 / by

Jeff Tollefson /


EPN member Dan Costa, former National Program Director of the EPA Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program, is interviewed about the changes in daily life for scientists at the EPA brought on by Scott Pruitt’s administration. He and other EPA employees reflect on the uncertainty and staff perseverance during the first 18 months under Pruitt

Scott Pruitt’s Replacement is Even Worse

July 5, 2018 / by

Alexander Kaufman /

Huffington Post

EPN Advisory Council Co-Chair and former EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe and EPN board member Stan Meiburg are interviewed on the changes likely to come under Andrew Wheeler’s leadership of EPA.

Former Coal Lobbyist Now Free to Shape Coal Regulations as EPA Chief

July 11, 2018 / by

Tom Pelton /

National Public Radio

EPN board member Stan Meiburg spoke to WYPR public radio on the question of Wheeler’s limited recusal from his past lobbying interests.

Pruitt’s only saving grace was an inability to advance his proposals — Wheeler won’t have that problem

July 9, 2018 / by

Terry Babcock-Lumish and Michelle Roos /

The Hill

EPN Executive Director Michelle Roos and her co-author focus on how their polluted childhood hometown of Pittsburgh was transformed into a clean and thriving city thanks to environmental and public health protections once ensured by EPA.

Former Head of EPA Science Advisory Board Details Harm Under Scott Pruitt

July 6, 2018 / by

Amy Goodman /


Chris Zarba, EPN member who retired in February as head of EPA’s Science Advisory Board is interviewed about the damage to EPA programs and policies on Scott Pruitt’s watch. He is joined by Mustafa Ali, former director of EPA’s environmental Justice Program, who describes the rollback of protections for vulnerable communities imposed by the Pruitt administration.

Radio Interview with EPN Member John Kennedy, Region 9

May 5, 2018 / by

Rabbi Ted Feldman /

Petaluma Radio: Talking with Rabbi Ted

EPN member John Kennedy – who worked 30+ years at EPA – speaks about what led him to the agency, his retirement and ongoing volunteer and community work and the importance of protecting clean air in the face of his own lung disease and Administrator Scott Pruitt’s efforts to undermine essential regulations.

For Former EPA Worker, Now Is No Time to Stay Silent

May 13, 2018 / by

Yousef Baig /

Argus Courier

Much of EPN member John Kennedy’s three decades at the EPA’s San Francisco office was spent protecting clean air. Along with his passions for community and volunteer work, Kennedy is now spending a politically engaged retirement speaking out against the Trump/Pruitt administration.

I Used to Work at the EPA. Now I Have Lung Disease and Depend on It.

March 26, 2018 / by

John Kennedy /

USA Today

John Kennedy is an EPN member and EPA retiree. He spent more than 30 years at the EPA developing systems to protect clean air and mitigate toxic contamination–systems he now relies heavily upon due to his advanced lung disease. This is his op-ed in USA Today.

The EPA Killed This Newspaper’s Funding. Was It Something They Said?

Feb 7, 2018 / by

Jacob Fenston /

WAMU 88.5 American University

Nick DiPasquale, retired head of the Chesapeake Bay Program in Annapolis, and Rich Kuhlman, who spent 30 years working on grants at the EPA, are both current EPN members and are quoted in this story about the Bay Journal’s loss of EPA grant funding, a possible violation of its First Amendment rights.

Under Siege—Again

Jan - Feb 2018 / by

Cheryl E. Wasserman /

The Environmental Forum

EPN member Cheryl Wasserman served for 43 years in senior positions in the EPA’s policy and enforcement offices. This is her article about the threat EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt poses to environmental enforcement.

That Must Be the World’s Longest-Running Conspiracy

Dec 28, 2017 / by

Bill Painter /

Richmond Times-Dispatch

EPN member Bill Painter spent 27 years at the EPA as a scientist. In this Correspondent of the Day piece, he presents scientific facts supporting climate change in response to Tom Eaton’s claim that progressives profit from climate change.

WorkWeek Interview with Kathy Setian

Dec 26, 2017 / by

Steve Zeltzer /

KPFA Pacifica Workweek Radio

EPN member Kathy Setian, who was a project manager at the EPA and is a delegate from IFPTE Local 20, is interviewed by WorkWeek Radio as they examine the growing crisis at the EPA and the need to have labor united to defend our air, water, and environment.

The EPA’s News Office Turned Itself into a Bad News Story in 2017

Dec 23, 2017 / by

Dan Vergano /


Former EPA public affairs official, Bonnie Bellow, and Carol Campbell, a former EPA regional administrator, are EPN members quoted in this article about the methods Pruitt’s EPA uses to deal with bad press: openly fighting with reporters and hiring political operatives to monitor the news.

Brain Drain at the EPA

Dec 22, 2017 / by

Lisa Friedman, Marina Affo, and Derek Kravitz /

The New York Times and ProPublica

EPN members Robert Kavlock and Lynda Deschambault are quoted in this article about the huge loss of scientists and environmental protection specialists at the EPA under Trump’s administration due to poor morale and a sense of grievance at the agency.

EPA Using Controversial Process to Push Cleanup of America’s Most Toxic Sites

Dec 20, 2017 / by

Marcus Stern /

The Weather Channel

Lynda Deschambault, EPN member and former remediation project manager at the Leviathan Superfund site in California, is quoted in this piece on Pruitt’s move toward “lean” methods to accelerate cleanup at Superfund sites.

Pruitt’s EPA Turns to ‘Lean Manufacturing’ to Speed Up Reviews

Dec 18, 2017 / by

Eric Roston and John Lippert /


EPN member George Wyeth, a career EPA attorney who retired in 2017, is quoted in this article on Pruitt’s turn to “lean manufacturing” to revamp processes at the EPA and speed up regulatory approvals.

What Cutting EPA Enforcement Means—And What You Can Do About It.

Dec 14, 2017 / by

Dan Reich /

Save EPA

EPN member Dan Reich retired in April 2017, after a career which included serving as a U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division Trial Attorney and an Assistant Regional Counsel at EPA Region 9 in San Francisco. This is his piece on what is really at stake for American families in the wake of the Trump administration’s budget cuts to enforcement.

EPA Set to Mark Its 47th Anniversary

Nov 28, 2017 / by

Christina Estes /

KJZZ Radio

Interviewed by KJZZ in Phoenix, Ruth Greenspan Bell is a public policy scholar, former federal employee who managed EPA lawyers, and a founding member of EPN. Here she talks about Administrator Pruitt’s shakeup of the EPA by moving away from science and many of the core EPA values.

Scientists Speak out About What’s Going on Behind the Scenes at the EPA

Nov 12, 2017 / by

IFLScience /


Trish Koman, a former EPA scientist; Betsy Southerland, former director of science and technology at the Office of Water; and Mike Cox, a former EPA scientist who focused on water protection and greenhouse gas reductions, are current EPN members and are quoted in this article, which provides a behind-the-scenes perspective of the less-than-transparent Pruitt EPA.

Amid ‘Nightmare’ Budget Cuts, EPA Closing Its Richmond Lab

Nov 7, 2017 / by

James Steinbauer /

Richmond Confidential

EPN member Kathy Setian, who worked at EPA Region 9 as a Superfund project manager for more than 20 years before retiring in 2012, is quoted in this article about the closure of the Region 9 Richmond lab. Critics say this move will cripple the agency’s ability to do testing and analysis in the region.

Evidence of Spills at Toxic Site in Texas During Floods After Harvey

Sept 18, 2017 / by

Michael Biesecker and Frank Bajak /

Chicago Tribune

EPN member Thomas Voltaggio, a retired EPA official who oversaw Superfund cleanups and emergency responses for more than two decades, is quoted in this piece on evidence of toxic spills during the floods after Hurricane Harvey.

EPA Won’t Be Able to Do the ‘Right Thing’ Under Trump, Says Latest Protesting Official

Aug 1, 2017 / by

Joe Davidson /

The Washington Post

EPN member Betsy Southerland is the former Director of Science and Technology in the EPA’s Office of Water. In this Washington Post article, she denounces the destructive environmental policies of Trump and Administrator Pruitt.

Why We Can’t Just Leave Environmental Protection to the States

April 26, 2017 / by

Cynthia Giles /


Cynthia Giles is the former head of the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and a current member of EPN. This is her opinion piece on how the EPA’s retreat from enforcement will result in an emboldened industry and weakened states, where in many cases laws simply won’t be enforced.

EPA Administrator Pruitt Made the Wrong Call on a Toxic Pesticide

April 4, 2017 / by

William Jordan /

The Washington Post

William Jordan was the deputy director for programs at the Environmental Protection Agency’s office of Pesticide Programs from 2012 to 2016. Now an EPN member, Jordan’s op-ed was published in The Washington Post.

Regulatory Rollbacks

EPA’s Bid for ‘Consistent and Transparent’ Rulemaking Draws Fire

August 14, 2018 / by

Charles Clark /

Government Executive

EPN and Save EPA submitted comments this week on proposed changes to weighing cost-benefit analysis at EPA. Those comments are quoted in this article on EPA staff responses to CBA rule changes.

Don’t be silenced in the name of ‘transparency’

August 15, 2018 / by

Daria Devantier /

The Hill

EPN member, Daria Devantier, calls on people to file comments with the EPA on their “transparency rule.” She is critical of the rule which will prevent EPA from using all science at their disposal.

Former EPA Staff Urge CEQ To Avoid NEPA Implementing Rule Changes

August 14, 2018 / by

Lee Logan /

Inside EPA

EPN and Save EPA submitted comments last week on proposed regulatory implementation revisions of NEPA. This week, those comments are quoted in this article on EPA staff response to NEPA rule changes.

E.P.A. Staff Objected to Agency’s New Rules on Asbestos Use, Internal Emails Show

August 10, 2018 / by

Lisa Friedman /

New York Times

Betsy Southerland, former Director of Science and Technology in the Office of Water and EPN member, is quoted in this article about the dangers of asbestos exposure under proposed TSCA revisions.

EPA Officials Echo Wide-Ranging Concerns With Science Transparency Rule

August 8, 2018 / by

Maria Hegstad /

Inside EPA

The testimonies of EPN members Gary Timm, Lynn Goldman, and John Bachmann are feature in this article about responses to the EPA’s proposed “censored science” rule.

Health Experts Rebut Trump EPA Censoring Science Rule

July 16, 2018 / by

Jennifer Sass /

Natural Resource Defense Council

EPN is quoted in this article on the detrimental effects the proposed Science Transparency rule would have on the EPA’s ability to use the most current science available when making regulatory decisions.

Scott Pruitt Is Trying to Pull a Disappearing Act on Science. Here’s How It Would Impact Your Health

June 25, 2018 / by

Margo Oge /


Margo Oge, former Director of the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality and EPN member, describes the dangerous and potentially lasting impacts of the administration’s proposed “censored science” rule.

Even the White House’s Budget Office Admits Environmental Benefits Outweigh the Costs

June 14, 2018 / by

David F. Coursen /

The Hill

David Coursen, EPN member and former Attorney-Advisor for the EPA’s Office of General Counsel, wrote this op-ed in The Hill. In it he addresses the prevailing view of the Trump administration that regulations have been inflated and are costly, despite his own Office of Management and Budget’s findings that environmental regulations save lives and money.

The Chemical Industry Scores a Big Win at the EPA

June 7, 2018 / by

Eric Lipton /

The New York Times

EPN member Robert Sussman, a former chemical industry lawyer and EPA official who now works for the advocacy group Safer Chemical, Healthy Families, is quoted in this article on how the Trump Administration has succumbed to heavy lobbying by the chemical industry and is  moving to scale back how it determines the health risks of dangerous chemicals on the market.

The EPA Has a New Plan That’s Good for Business and Bad for Bodies

May 29, 2018 / by

Jennifer Lu /

Popular Science

EPN members Janet McCabe and John Bachmann are quoted about Scott Pruitt’s “censored science” proposal in this article in Popular Science. The proposal would restrict the use of studies that EPA can consider in creating regulations to protect land, air and water.

Science—The Hidden Gem at the Heart of the EPA and Why You Should Support It

May 8, 2018 / by

Robert Kavlock /

Union of Concerned Scientists Blog

Robert Kavlock is the former Acting Assistant Administrator for the EPA Office of Research and Development and a retired EPA Science Advisor. He is currently an EPN member and has written this piece on the Trump/Pruitt attack on science.

Andrea Mitchell Reports—Interview with EPN Member John Kennedy

May 4, 2018 / by

Andrea Mitchell /

Andrea Mitchell Report, MSNBC

EPN member John Kennedy worked 30+ years at the EPA and has been diagnosed with an advanced lung condition. He joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the importance of clean air–especially as Administrator Scott Pruitt undermines essential regulation.

This Is a Story About the EPA’s Success. Weirdly, the EPA Didn’t Want to Talk to Us About It.

April 22, 2018 / by

Isaac Saul /

A Plus

Ruth Greenspan Bell, who served as Assistant General Counsel in two different departments at the EPA from 1979 through 1996 and is a founding member of EPN, is quoted in this article on the current EPA’s reluctance to talk about its past successes due to low morale at the agency and a fear of retribution for speaking out against the Trump/Pruitt mission of deregulation.

Scott Pruitt’s Dirty Politics: How the Environmental Protection Agency Became the Fossil-Fuel Industry’s Best Friend

April 2, 2018 / by

Margaret Talbot /

The New Yorker

In this incredibly comprehensive piece on Pruitt and his politics from Margaret Talbot, she spoke with EPN members Elizabeth Southerland, who worked on the Effluent Limitations Guidelines and served in the EPA’s Office of Water; Steve Silverman, a former EPA Attorney who worked on the glider rule; Michael Cox, a former EPA climate-change advisor; Gay MacGregor, a former Ann Arbor emissions lab senior policy advisor; and Margo Oge, who headed the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality from 1994-2012.

Looser Emissions Standards Will Hurt the Auto Industry

March 30, 2018 / by

Margo Oge /

The New York Times

EPN member Margo Oge was the director of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality from 1994 to 2012. In her op-ed for The New York Times, she explains how looser emission standards now will spell trouble for the auto industry in the future.

Scott Pruitt’s Attack on Science Would Paralyze the EPA

March 26, 2018 / by

Gina McCarthy and Janet G. McCabe /

The New York Times

EPN member Janet McCabe was Acting Assistant Administrator of the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation from 2013 to 2017. She coauthored this op-ed on Pruitt’s latest attack on science and effort to cripple the EPA.

How $225,000 Can Help Secure a Pollution Loophole at Trump’s EPA

Feb 15, 2018 / by

Eric Lipton /

The New York Times

EPN member Chet France, quoted in this article on super-polluting glider trucks, is former director of assessment and standards at the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality.

One Year in, Trump’s Environmental Agenda Is Already Taking a Measurable Toll

Jan 18, 2018 / by

Evan Halper /

The Los Angeles Times

EPN members Cynthia Giles, who led the the EPA’s enforcement office during the Obama administration, and Janet McCabe, who headed the agency’s clean air efforts under Obama, are quoted in this article on the Trump administration’s unrelenting push to dilute and repeal clean air and water policies.

U.S. Moving Forward on Climate—Despite Trump’s Backpedaling

Jan 8, 2018 / by

D. James Baker /

Save EPA

EPN member D. James Baker was the longest serving Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1993-2001) and worked closely with the EPA on ocean and coastal protection. This is his article on the United State’s forward movement on climate change despite the Trump administration’s work against it.

EPA Under Siege: The New Assault on the U.S. Environmental Protection System

Jan 4, 2018 / by

Bob Sussman /

Climate Reality Project

Bob Sussman was senior policy counsel to the EPA administrator during the Obama Administration and is a member of EPN. This is his article on the unprecedented threat to the EPA’s effectiveness and survival brought on by the Trump Administration and Administrator Pruitt.

Commentary: The EPA Wants More of These Really Dangerous Trucks on the Road. Why?

Dec 21, 2017 / by

Margo Oge /


EPN member Margo Oge served as director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality at the EPA. This is her piece on Administrator Scott Pruitt’s decision to roll back the regulations on glider kit trucks, despite health risks documented by his own engineers.

What It’s Like Inside the Trump Administration’s Regulatory Rollback at the EPA

Dec 18, 2017 / by

Tali Buford /


EPN member Betsy Southerland spent three decades as a career staffer in the EPA’s Office of Water before retiring under the Trump administration. She is quoted in this article about what it is like behind the scenes at the EPA during regulatory rollbacks, where the agency is now shutting out its own staff in the decision-making process.

Under Trump, EPA Has Slowed Actions Against Polluters, and Put Limits on Enforcement Officers

Dec 10, 2017 / by

Eric Lipton and Danielle Ivory /

The New York Times

EPN member Cynthia Giles, the former assistant administrator for the EPA’s enforcement office during the Obama administration, is quoted in this New York Times article about Pruitt’s lenient approach toward polluters.

EPA Vets Bash Draft Strategic Plan

Oct 31, 2017 / by

Anthony Adragna, with help from Emily Holden and Esther Whieldon /


This piece addresses EPN’s comments and grave concerns about the Trump Administration’s draft strategic plan.

An Assessment of the White House’s Progress on Deregulation

Oct 24, 2017 / by

HighBeam Research /

The Economist

EPN members Bill Pedersen, an environmental lawyer, and Steven Silverman, a lawyer who was with the EPA for almost four decades, are quoted in The Economist article on Trump’s push for deregulation. They note that while Trump has blocked new regulations with ease, repealing old ones will be much more difficult.

Chemical Industry Insider Rolls Back Rules at EPA

Oct 23, 2017 / by

Tom Ashbrook /

On Point

EPN member Robert Sussman, an EPA official in the Clinton and Obama administrations and counsel for Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, along with other guests is interviewed by Tom Ashbrook of On Point about Pruitt’s roll back of rules pertaining to toxic chemicals and the resulting risk to health and safety.

Is Science Being Taken Out of Environmental Protection?

Aug 12, 2017 / by

Pamela Hill /

Oxfor University Press Blog

EPN member Pamela Hill is an environmental lawyer and former Deputy Regional Counsel at EPA’s New England Regional Office. This is her blog post on Administrator Pruitt’s attack on science.

‘Pruitt Blew It’: At the EPA, Resistance Is Just Part of the Job

June 19, 2017 / by

Sara Bernard /

Seattle Weekly

EPN members and former EPA employees, Michael Cox and Dennis McLerran are quoted in this Seattle Weekly story on low morale but fighting spirit at the EPA under Administrator Pruitt.  EPN’s withering analysis on the proposed EPA budget’s effect on scientific research is also noted, as it is a growing concern among current and past EPA employees.

Former EPA Official McCabe Talks Trump Moves on Budget, Power Plan, Ozone, and Paris

June 14, 2017 / by

Monica Trauzzi /

OnPoint, E&E TV

Janet McCabe, EPN member and former assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation at the EPA under the Obama administration, is interviewed about the Trump administration’s steps toward regulatory rollbacks and their FY2018 EPA budget proposal.

Unionized Scientists March in Protest of Attacks on Facts

April 18, 2017 / by

Carly Ebben Eaton and Kathy Setian /

San Francisco Chronicle

EPN member Kathy Setian was a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency project manager and a steward of engineers and scientists of California Local 20. She coauthored this piece on the March for Science, in opposition to the damage that the Trump administration seeks to do to research.

The Big Announcement Is Over. What Happens Now?

March 29, 2017 / by

NiinaHeikkinen and Evan Lehmann /

E&E News

Steven Silverman, a former EPA attorney under President Obama and current EPN member, is quoted in this article about Trump’s “energy independence” executive order, a sweeping step in the administration’s efforts to weaken or eliminate the study of climate science, curb carbon, and protect vulnerable areas of the United States from sea-level rise and flooding.