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EPN’s core work takes the form of formal comments or letters submitted to government agencies, testimony provided at hearings, fact sheets and white papers, budget and appropriations analyses, op-eds, and engagement with press.

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Resetting the Course of EPA

"Resetting the Course of EPA" outlines specific and actionable steps that EPA can take to reset the course of the agency to address the most significant and pervasive threats to public health and our environment. As there is no single roadmap, EPN looks forward to collaborating with others to advance the dialogue around the future of EPA and set ideas into motion that will better protect the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Formal Comments/Letters

Our comments provide detailed critiques on policy proposals we believe are critical to EPA’s mission to protect public health and the environment.


EPN members have testified at Congressional hearings, public EPA meetings, and public EPA hearings.

Fact Sheets & White Papers

Our fact sheets and white papers provide an overview of issues related to EPA, public health, and/or the environment and are drafted to be a resource to reporters, other NGOs, Congress and/or the public.

Budget & Appropriations Analyses

During the Trump administration, EPA was hit with massive proposed budget cuts in the President’s Budget. EPN created in-depth analyses of these proposals and iterations during the appropriations process to provide a summary of and background information about these proposed funding cuts and staff reductions. EPN will continue to analyze budget proposals as needed to highlight the necessity for an essential and overdue investment in the agency that protects public health and the environment. 

Budget & Appropriations Fact Sheets

To supplement our budget and appropriations analyses, EPN created fact sheets about EPA’s core programs and EPA programs vital to public and environmental health.


EPN regularly provides background information and interviews for press—in addition, some members pen their own op-eds.
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News items about, written by, featuring, or published with assistance from EPN and EPN's members.