Technical Assistance

EPN’s pro bono Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Program provides assistance to communities; NGOs; and state, local, and tribal agencies disproportionately impacted by environmental and health issues. EPN's network of volunteers assists organizations more effectively and meaningfully participate in government decision-making by helping them navigate EPA, potential grants, regulatory processes, federal policies, and publicly available data to support their work.

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Please email, call, or fill out our inquiry form for assistance or to learn more about EPN's pro bono Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Program.

2021 Overview: EPN’s Pro Bono Technical Assistance Program

EPN's pro bono Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Program formally launched in January 2021, resulting in an inspiring year of tangible health and environmental impacts through the partnership of EPN volunteers and community leaders.

EPN Hosts Technical Assistance Webinar

On May 20, 2022 EPN hosted a very special virtual webinar on EPN's technical assistance program. Dee Dee Green from the Hollygrove Neighbors Association in Louisiana and Justinn Overton from Coosa Riverkeeper in Alabama shared their community stories, while EPN members Ben Scaggs and Jim Giattina discussed their collaborative work with the community leaders.