EPN in Action: September-October 2018

Welcome to your EPN update for September and October

Over the past two months EPN members worked with others in our network and with partner organizations to submit two sets of comments and four formal testimonies to EPA on proposed rulemakings, and continued to be a trusted source of information to reporters.

About EPN

The Environmental Protection Network (EPN) was launched in January 2017 to harness the expertise of former EPA staff to provide an informed and rigorous defense against current efforts to undermine the protection of public health and the environment.

Highlights of this update:

  • EPN worked collaboratively with Save EPA Ann Arbor to submit comments on the administration’s proposal to roll back critical greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards with the “SAFE” rule.

  • EPN submitted comments on the administration’s proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan with the “ACE” rule, namely the proposed revisions to EPA’s implementing regulations for emissions guidelines

  • EPN members were featured in dozens of media outlets and authored numerous op-eds on topics including the administration’s efforts to censore science, roll back TSCA and mercury regulations, disband the Particulate Matter Review Panel of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and gut the Risk Management Program Rule.

EPN’s work on Vehicle Emissions Standards Rollbacks: SAFE

Vehicle Emissions Standards Rollbacks in the News

State Officials, Valley Air Advocates Warn Against Proposed EPA Rule

Oct 16, 2018 / by

Kerry Klein /

NPR's Valley Public Radio, KVPR

Dan Reich, EPN member and former Assistant Regional Counsel, EPA Region 9, was interviewed on NPR’s Valley Public Radio/KVPR about the EPA’s proposed rollback of clean car standards with the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles (SAFE) Rule.

Critics Bash Trump’s Rollback. Is Anyone Listening?

Oct 2, 2018 / by

Maxine Joselow /

E&E News

EPN members Trish Koman, PhD; Betsy Southerland; and Janet McCabe are quoted in this E&E News article on the EPA’s public hearing in Dearborn, MI, on the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles rule.

Stateside: Former EPA Official Condemns Mileage Rollback

Sept 25, 2018 / by

Cynthia Canty /

Stateside Michigan Radio

Jeff Alson, EPN member and former EPA senior advisor who helped draft the national fuel economy standards, was interviewed on Stateside radio about his testimony in Dearborn, MI, against the Trump Administration’s SAFE rule.

EPN’s work on Clean Power Plan Replacement: ACE Rule

Clean Power Plan Replacement in the News

Utilities Urge Clearer Guidance on EPA Power Rule Amid Public Outcry

Oct 10, 2018 / by

Stephen Joyce and Abby Smith /

Bloomberg Law

EPN member Joseph Goffman, former Senior Counsel in the EPA Office of Air, is quoted in Bloomberg Law’s article on the EPA’s Oct. 1, 2018, public hearing on its proposed Affordable Clean Energy rule.

Critics: Clean Power Plan Replacement Would Weaken Air Protections

Sept 6, 2018 / by

Eric Tegethoff /

Public New Service

EPN member and former EPA Acting Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation Janet McCabe is quoted in this article on the Trump Administration’s proposed replacement of the Clean Power Plan, which could severely weaken air protections. McCabe encourages readers to take advantage of the public comments period on this important issue. Janet is also quoted in similar articles in Eagle Country 99.3 and WXPR.

Trump’s Proposal to Replace the Clean Power Plan Endangers Public Health and the World’s Climate

August 29, 2018. / by

Joel Mintz /

The Revelator

EPN member, former EPA Enforcement Attorney and Professor of Law Emeritus Joel Mintz criticizes the proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan as insufficient and far too weak.

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EPN continued to work on key areas of interest

Our work continued to bring attention to a range of important ongoing topics, including Censored Science, TSCA, and other key areas.

Censored Science


Since filing comments on the Censored Science proposal in August, EPN has continued to  connect press with EPN experts to help bring attention to this issue. For example, EPN member John Bachmann is quoted in this Washington Post piece about the EPA’s proposed “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science Rule,” which will bar the EPA from considering a wide range of scientific studies in its rulemaking;

Read more about Censored Science here.


man renovating room

Since filing comments on the TSCA Risk Evaluation proposal in August, EPN has continued to connect press with EPN experts to help bring attention to this issue. For example, EPN member Betsy Southerland is quoted in this Politico piece about the underlying dangers of the Significant New Use Rule for asbestos;

Read more about TSCA here.

More examples of EPN In The News

Administration Proposes Rolling Back Fuel Economy Standards

August 3, 2018 / by

Margo Oge /

National Public Radio

Margo Oge, former Director of the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality and EPN member, describes the dangerous and lasting impacts of the administration’s proposed roll back of fuel economy standards.

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As Florence Threatens Chemical Plants, Trump Administration Moves to Weaken Protections

Sept 18, 2018 / by

Brendan Doyle /

The Hill

EPN member Brendan Doyle, a former EPA policy analyst and senior policy advisor, wrote this op-ed for The Hill on the Trump administration’s move to gut the Risk Management Program Rule, which requires chemical companies and wastewater treatment plants to be ready for disasters like Hurricane Florence.

EPA’s Reversal of Environmental Protections Veers Badly Off Course

Sept 24, 2018 / by

Dennis McLerran /

The Seattle Times

EPN member and former EPA Region 10 Regional Administrator Dennis McLerran wrote this op-ed in The Seattle Times about acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler’s two recent decisions—to freeze fuel-economy standards for cars and dramatically scale back an effort to reduce climate pollution from coal-fired power plants—taking the EPA in the wrong direction.

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