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Mission & Goals

Our mission is to preserve and advance the nation’s bipartisan legacy of progress towards clean air, water and land and climate protection in the United States.

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Our Focus

Our principal focus is to assure the capacity of government agencies charged with public health and environmental protection to sustain that progress.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing relevant facts and objective analysis to the public, policy-makers and the media in support of:

Preserving the science-based, cost-effective environmental protections, and ensuring benefits for everyone regardless of where they live, work and play.

Sustaining the budget, staffing and other resources that public agencies need to perform their essential roles in the federal-state system of environmental protection established by our nation’s environmental laws.

Advancing environmental protections as needed to respond to remaining and emerging threats.

Ensuring the capacity of public agencies to conduct independent scientific research and analysis and to supply critical environmental information to federal and state decision-makers and the public.

Promoting public understanding of scientific, legal, policy and economic issues raised by new Executive Orders or proposals to change current environmental laws and regulations